The Socialist Alternative announcement about the ongoing demonstrations in Iraqi Kurdistan


The Socialist Alternative announcement about the ongoing demonstrations in Iraqi Kurdistan


To be reinforced workers council and   Revolutionary peoples organizations


Yesterday, a new wave of demonstrations and mass protests broke out in the city of Sulaymaniyah and some of its territories, which included all social groups of workers, employees, earners, teachers, youth and unemployed.

These protests came in response to the economic and political crisis that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has been going through for more than four years…


The working class, the employees and the rest of society have been loaded by the burden of this crisis from deprivation, misery, and cutting salaries and high prices. In addition, the absence of the most basic necessities of life and lack of provision of electricity, drinking water, health services, municipal, education and others.


The government of the Kurdistan Region and the nationalist and religious parties that surround it have deepened the political crisis following the relapse of the draft referendum for the independence of Kurdistan last September. In the meantime, some capitalists and dissidents of the ruling parties seek to rescue the existing regime from the anger of the masses of the left by false pretense and untruthful hopes and illusions which also included giving hope to foreign countries to reform the current rotten system.


The complete separation between the masses and the citizens of the region and the ruling regime in recent years has made these slogans of “overthrowing the regime” and “prosecuting corrupt and thieves” the central slogan of the protesters. The gap and vacancy between the working masses and the rest of the depressed strata and the ruling regime in Kurdistan, which has become more and more widespread, has made the chances of believing in the reform and restoration of this system impossible and impossible after the belief in obtaining crumbs of economic and political reforms within the system is based on the blow of wind…


The authority of the ruling national and Islamic parties will go sooner or later… The growth and development of ongoing protests depends on the extent to which the rebellious masses seek to organize themselves in their living and efficient organizations through which they can unleash their potential and capacity not only to make these objections successful and to deliver them to their desired goals, but to put them in a more appropriate position to manage and organize the society away from the oppressors in power and oppressive and tyrant institutions…


The regularity and organization of the working masses, the youth, and the working class in the ranks of the Peshmerga forces, the police … … and others in their revolutionary councils and popular and efficient public organizations … in the residential and work centers is a necessary task and an undeniable urgency. These councils and the mass organizations are not only able to extricate society from the current quagmire, misery and deprivation, but also to struggle to preserve the gains they have received and to confront the capitalists, their parties and gangs from return. Labor masses You masses of hardworking and crushed … advocates of freedom, social justice and equality sons of the working class in the ranks of Peshmerga and police forces.


It is time to unleash our energy and our initiative to save our society and the future of our children … Organize in your councils and the masses of the radical masses … These councils are our means of struggle today and to run the society today tomorrow ….. We should follow and manipulate all means of struggle for the sake of keeping these councils and revolutionary organizations without letting the bourgeoisie and its parties to attack us… For the establishment of workers’ councils and revolutionary mass organizations


 The Socialist Alternative

19th of Dec 2017






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